Paull Holme Strays

Paull Holme Strays in October 2003, shortly after the river embankment was breached (right of centre) :
the two Thorngumbald Clough lighthouses can be seen on the Humber bank at the extreme right.

Paull Holme Strays is the site of the first major coastal realignment scheme on the Humber. It has been created by the Environment Agency as part of a flood risk management scheme and the site provides approximately 200 acres of new intertidal habitat and is supplemented by the wide expanse of the Paull Holme Sands mudflats. The site adjoins the Humber Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA), which is a Ramsar Site, SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and Special Area of Conservation. These designations form part of the Natura 2000 network of ‘European Sites’ and emphasise the international importance of the estuary for wildlife.

The salt marsh, lagoons and mud flats teem with waders and other water birds and are an important refuge for migratory birds. They also attract a wide variety of mammals, from Roe Deer to Water Voles and just about everything else in between. The specialised vegetation of this type of habitat is rapidly establishing itself since the original river embankment was breached in 2003, and as the salt marsh develops, the variety of wild life - birds, insects, mammals and amphibians - is increasing.

Paull Holme Strays nature reserve is open to the public and there is a car park along the Thorngumbald road, well signposted from the main A1033 Hull-Hedon-Withernsea road and through the village, or you can park at the High Paull car park and enjoy a walk along the river bank to the Strays. Bird hides enable the birds to be seen without disturbing them, whilst also providing shelter for the watchers in this exposed area!

Please keep to the footpaths when walking on the Strays; the salt marsh and mudflats can be treacherous and are in any case under water at high tide. The main footpaths are accessible to wheelchair users and families with prams and pushchairs; please close all gates behind you. Under no circumstances are motorbikes or quad bikes allowed anywhere on the Strays!

Page reproduced from Paull Parish Council's own website by kind permission.