Paull Village Enhancement Project

The original Enhancement Scheme was first launched in the year 2000, after several years of discussion amongst villagers and Paull Parish Council. The original document was drawn up, complete with illustrations by Graham Shaw and photos by Dianne Davies, by Graham Shaw. That document can be seen by clicking on the link below :

Original Enhancement Scheme document (opens in a new window)

Since then, the area has seen the creation of the Paull Holme Strays Nature Reserve as a by-product of the first major coastal realignment scheme on the Humber. It has been created by the Environment Agency as part of a flood risk management scheme and the site provides approximately 200 acres of new intertidal habitat and is supplemented by the wide expanse of the Paull Holme Sands mudflats. The site adjoins the Humber Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA), which is a Ramsar Site, SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and Special Area of Conservation. These designations form part of the Natura 2000 network of ‘European Sites’ and emphasise the international importance of the estuary for wildlife. To compare the plans for this area in the original Scheme with what has actually been created, click on the links below :

Original Scheme plans for saltmarsh area ~ Paull Holme Strays (open in new windows.)

The area between the village and the Strays, however, has not seen enhancement as the Council would have liked and the footpaths in particular have deteriorated due to storm wave action. The local authorities have shown no interest in repairs but are willing for the village, with the support of the Environment Agency and the approval of English Heritage, to proceed with environmental improvements, so in May 2006 the revamped Paull Village Enhancement Project was relaunched.

All did not, however, go as smoothly as the council would have wished, and the application for Registered Charity status was rejected by the Charity Commissioners because of the Parish Council's involvement. An entirely new Trust has therefore been set up, totally independent of the Parish Council but with their blessing, to pursue this new phase of the Paull Village Enhancement Project 2007.